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 +====== EPD Tools ======
 +Here are the list of the tools already created for EPD, feel free to add links if you find new tools...
 +===== FPD Database Viewer =====
 +FPD allows you to visualise the data that are on the EPD database, you can also ask the programme to query the database and draw graphs and animated maps etc...
 +The link to the tool : [[http://​www.europeanpollendatabase.net/​fpd-epd|The FPD tool]]
 +If you find any bugs, please post a comment here : [[tools:​fpd_bugs|FPD Viewer Bugs Page]]
 +===== News of EPD program code =====
 +On this page, you can find the corrections of bugs and new functionalities of Wiki module, EPD site and EPD Tools.\\
 +If you detect somethings wrong, please post a comment on [[tools:​fpd_bugs|FPD Viewer Bugs Page]] and contact me to explain this trouble (Armand ROTEREAU : <​rotereau@eccorev.fr>​) !
 +===== FPD updated =====
 +FPD has been updated with the help of Anissa ALLAOUI collaboration (student of Licence MIAGE, Rennes, France).\\
 +She has corrected bugs on FPD mainly :\\
 +- "​Visualisation tool"​\\
 +- Upgraded Java runtime on EPD\\
 +- Migration on the new server\\
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