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EPD Taxonomy Support Group Meeting Report

The EPD Taxonomy Support Group, which has been in stand by for several years, has been re-created during the last EPD open meeting at Aix-en-Provence (IMEP, Arbois) in May 2007. This group includes experts in Palynology (Steffen Wolters, Marie-José Gaillard and Jacqueline van Leeuwen) and the Database manager (Michelle Leydet). The group is open to all volunteers and suggestions. The first meeting of the Taxonomy Group took place at the Institut of Plant Sciences in Bern, Switzerland, from the 29th January 2008 to the 1st February 2008. This meeting dealt with changes of the pollen's nomenclature and the database. The taxonomy Group will generate a new taxonomical dictionary to be used by European Palynologists and other specialists used to use the pollen database. This text will contain the EPD pollen morphologiy conventions and will be available on the EPD website. The updating of this dictionary is a prerequisite to the inclusion of 172 new sites in the EPD.

Digital Pollen Atlas

See the new digital pollen atlas in wiki access. 1.396 pictures of pollen and spores taken with a light microscope.

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