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 **//Digital Pollen Atlas//** **//Digital Pollen Atlas//**
-''​See the new digital pollen atlas [[http://​pollen.tstebler.ch/​MediaWiki/​index.php?​title=Hauptseite]] in free access.''​+''​See the new digital pollen atlas [[http://​pollen.tstebler.ch/​MediaWiki/​index.php?​title=Diskussion:Hauptseite]] in wiki access.''​ 
 +''​1.396 pictures of pollen and spores taken with a light microscope.''​ 
 +**//​BasePollen-LAU a new photo database of pollens coupled to a multi-criteria determination key//** 
 +''​BasePollen-LAU has been developed on a Filemakerpro platform and will be open-accessed on the internet for researchers,​ students or a broader audience, with no need to locally install a software.''​ 
 +''​The link to the new version of Basepollen-LAU is the following:​ 
 +''​Click on "​BASE_POLLENS";​ User = Pollens; no password required''​ 
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