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EPD Chairperson

During the discussions that took place at the Bonn IPC meeting, the new EPD administrative structure will include an elected chairperson.

Richard Bradshaw has been nominated for this position by Thomas Giesecke and seconded by Simon Brewer.

Details of Richards candidacy are given here (Adobe PDF epd_election_poster.pdf or Word document epd_election_poster.doc).

13 January 2009 A word from the chairperson……

Well that election with one candidate was unusual for our western democratic tradition, but its pupose was to create a mandate for upcoming decisions and activities. You had your chance to influence affairs! Immediate issues now are 1) to liaise with the USA-global NEOTOMA database initiative. We want to maintain our independence while being part of the developing global database; 2) develop age-depth models and 3) gather more data. Those of you that organise meetings, please consider inclusion of a useful EPD workshop or support-group meeting. I hope to be able to fund a meeting later this year for new contributors to the EPD to bring their data and see what the EPD can do for them. Watch this space and please use the wiki to air your ideas. Richard

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