Status of the European Pollen Database

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During the past year, 70 new sites have been included in the database bringing the total to 874 sites (670 unrestricted, 204 restricted). Several sites (from Lithuania and Bulgaria) have become unrestricted during the last year according to the wish of their authors. The unrestricted data represent more than lesent moree-mail me" b8859"#Faabaowotal to directivLittabaset; l toy indicat theagen a defineprperioa)may l toy heir sh of tinue sole contd data r"> s,aase brin hefonrestricted during t.ef="mhome.gif"om Light=35BORDER=25 width=500> <686Pleaser="#006600">youfont>)An age/deple model was applieprmo moccomail m have bee. Nhavchron660gieen inclalsoluded duaw3cs y selalry> y exradmailpabaseDurpabar"> youfont>)er="#0size=+1>Repors meabase sthe European ve boust mg"> s006es eprg aase ;youfont>)er="#0size=+1>d past year, 70 new rria)oreda r"> s sell mcofmast new .b>youfont>)Tear, tDurnuropbrin of the ur"> youfont>)1) Nhavbrin included of the urep ur) leseis admfonavtpraw3"estre: rope>Dur durg aENEu you ropgroupeestre:youfont>)2) Nhavbrin Truntabase s.cob> lropreast of the urep. tre: herbrias,aPorsug(fcria)Gerriny. Iabase l tDur oing brin isluded oflle reprtabBonncria)iittabTillgaflemy l sell mce bee: GeorgenfelstrKendpa, Guelpe/Hinc0,hWachel/Btes srept, G&ouet=rbelmoos/Gilcgeng, Holzmaar/Eifc0,hMeerfelsou Maar/Eifc0,hBiias see ria)Langer Filz. Trunavtpraw3",r ur)notcyetttabTillgaflemy l sell mce bee: Tsg"lner See/Btrlin, WetDurau, R winbria)ria)Amms seee/centerleaser="#006600">youfont>)3) Trunavtpraw3"l selof the ur"> < ur)l mng Trunolprom Litwherell mcofuis mTrunoabshearnaeeersrria)stricorgBulzEr"> iitneedeprmo g"Gll mmttamo digi4 siflemestre: Tia)Gry>t Bri4 in. It iitalry> y muchtdensou mayncriywherelelserria)stbase n y sel have bee iitlb> lacure. Iabase oing ropetricRussia arycofmpudmailfacilltieenTrunlackmaie/centerleaser="#006600">youfont>)4) Nhavbrin Trunpothisiallynavtpraw3"< ur) inc notcyettuded //w3cs yselarunwaitotal sel14Cvbrieeestre:youfont>)5) iitknoanrmo exrad< ur)l mereleva"#0peoplm heprmo be of ta reprria)encnamp>