Data from the European Pollen Database

There are a number of different ways to find and access data in the European Pollen Database:

Fossil Pollen Database Viewer
Fossil Pollen Database Viewer (FPD) is the principal way to access EPD data on this website. With FPD you can find sites and data by country or investigator or site name, or by locating them on a map. After selecting a site you can examine or download the data as well as some summary metadata. Fossil Pollen Database has an extensive tool for visualising (graphing) taxa from one or more sites. It was developed by Nicolas Garnier at MEDIAS-France in close cooperation with the African Pollen Database (Anne-Marie Lezine).
Download the entire EPD database and documentation. Note: Use FPD Viewer or the other tools on this page to browse individual sites and their data.
What's New
What's New shows you EPD sites that have most recently been made available.
Site/Map Search (using FPD - follow the link to the Data Library)
Find EPD sites using Google Maps or text-based search criteria. Select sites to view data and metadata.
Site Files
Individual site files stored by country. These include minimal metadata. (These static HTML files are intended for Internet search engines to find and index. You are welcome to use them, but you are better served using the other options above.)
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